Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hail Snow Floods - again!

The delightful couple who came from London yesterday to talk about their wedding flowers for River Cottage this summer were almost stranded here as it hailed so hard when we were inside chatting that the gateway was completely flooded. The groom had to brave wet shoes and carry his bride to be across the torrent  So it's not the best gardening weather in these parts!

My daughter, mid return journey to Burma, was stuck in a transit lounge in Dubai this morning and mailed a few of their blurry shots from the wedding. Blurry yes but you get the general idea. There will be lots of flowery details etc etc from the official photographer in good time.

Butley Priory is  a magical place for a wedding. Daisy wore a dress refashioned from an antique 19th century dress worn by a previous bride in her family, she looked utterly beautiful of course, and I think my son looked pretty good too! (And on a flower note, the fact that the flowers in her hair matched the flowers on Joe's tie was actually accidental, her bouquet was hellebores with a tulip or two and myrtle sprigs from a shrub here that was allegedly grown from a cutting from a sprig of Queen Victoria's bouquet, or so my mother always told me ). Happy days indeed. 

Making Daisy's hellebore bouquet
Butley Priory

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