Monday, 25 April 2011

St George's Day - mushrooms

I spent St George's Day at the wedding of friends who have waited well over 20 years to get married so the aisle was full of their children and grandchildren and the bride looked like a pre Raphaelite painting, stunning old-fashioned long gown and flaming red hair, bridesmaids had similarly glorious long medievalish style dresses - plus wild circlets of flowers in their hair of course, my wedding gift (and oh yes I forgot my camera but will blag pictures, picture blagging from recent weddings is top of my must do pile as soon as the sun stops shining).

It has been the driest spring ever. Even here we are completely parched. Yet, YET, every year a patch of St George's Day mushrooms appear on St George's Day. I missed Saturday as I wasn't here but went out this morning and lo and behold. Magic! I can hardly wait for lunch!

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