Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finally yesterday there were a few hours when it didn't rain! I know I'll be wishing for it in a month or two's time, but right now I could do with some sun. The good news is that the moat round the tunnel has worked and now the little plants have dry feet again. The stocks are starting to bloom and the tunnel smells glorious as soon as you slide open the door. Fingers crossed they'll last a week or two until something else comes on. The earliest sweet peas in the tunnel - planted to flower for weddings at the end of the month, 10 days time - are budding well but then many of the buds are dropping off. My fault, but I haven't yet checked to see what's causing it and why. 

Outside things are not as they should be. I haven't been able to get on to the field to even think of weeding for 10 days as it's just too wet and claggy. But in every break between showers more weeds leap up so it's not looking brilliant. I'm sure it will all get sorted out in time. Maybe! The main weed problem in the top area is the corn spurry which is beating all the annuals to germination then strangling the little seedlings that do braved it. So I did some emergency liming a couple of days ago - actually induced because a bag split in the van when I lifted it out so I had to use the bag then and there. Some went on to the compost heaps, some straight on to the soil. The idea is that it will neutralise the soil so the corn spurry, which likes a slightly acid environment, will eventually be persuaded the field is not a hospitable place for it. 

I was lying in bed wide awake pondering my growing project early this morning. When thinking about the talk I'm giving on Saturday I realised that I have only had the field for three years. It feels like for ever! So I suddenly felt terribly excited by all the possibilities as it's really doing quite well for itself considering it was only a bare patch of land three years ago. But I also so wish I was doing it better..... I am very aware of the shortcomings and perhaps don't so often see the good bits but other people assure me there are good bits. I'm getting fantastic response at the moment for mail order flowers and lots of wedding enquiries. It's such fun......

One of the many good things about not being a great sleeper is catching the colours in the gardens in early light. The blues at this time of year are incredibly rich, the greens vibrant with life. The red poppies like bright lamps. I love it. (This photo taken through the window doesn't really do it justice but might give a tiny flavour).

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